MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

Want to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Wellington - then our experienced coaches at MTI will train you to be the fittest and strongest you have ever been.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combination of the most effective fighting systems in the world. Our focus is on teaching you the techniques and training you to use them effectively.

We train in a relaxed atmosphere and work on the principle that improving one member of the team improves everyone (Melhorar um - Melhorar todos).

Join MMA at MTI and be a part of the world's fastest growing sport. Train at Wellingtons best equipped MMA gym with 2 boxing rings, a padded floor, 20 bags and a massive padded wall.

Monday 6-7pm: Takedowns
Monday 7-8pm: Submissions

Wednesday 6-7pm: Standup
Wednesday 7-830: MMA Techniques

Friday 6-7pm: Conditioning
Friday 7-8pm: MMA Techniques

Saturday 10-11am: Standup
Saturday 11-1130am: Introduction to standup sparring

First 2 classes free!! Then from just $20 for all 5 classes.